Leading Wholesale Abaya Suppliers in the UK: An In-Depth Guide for Retailers

Published on June 06, 2024

As the demand for modest fashion continues to grow, retailers are constantly seeking reliable sources for high-quality abayas. The UK market is particularly vibrant, with a diverse range of suppliers catering to various needs. For retailers looking to expand their inventory or start a new venture, Abaya Wholesale provides an excellent platform. This guide delves into the top suppliers available through Abaya Wholesale, highlighting their offerings, advantages, and why they stand out.

Overview of Abaya Wholesale

Abaya Wholesale is a leading platform connecting retailers with top-tier suppliers of abayas. They specialize in offering a broad spectrum of styles, ensuring that retailers can find products that cater to their customer base.

Mission and Vision: Their mission is to simplify the sourcing process for retailers by providing access to high-quality, fashionable, and affordable abayas. Their vision is to be the premier destination for businesses seeking reliable and diverse abaya suppliers in the UK.

Top Suppliers on Abaya Wholesale

1. Abaya wholesale

Overview: Abaya wholesale is renowned for its blend of traditional and contemporary designs. They offer a wide range of abayas crafted from high-quality fabrics, appealing to various tastes and occasions.

Product Range: Their collection includes everyday abayas, luxury pieces, and bridal abayas. They also provide customization options, allowing retailers to offer unique designs.

Why Choose Abayawholesale: Abaya wholesale is known for its excellent customer service, reliable delivery, and strict quality control, making them a preferred supplier for many retailers.

2. Bulk Abayas

Overview:Bulk abayas focuses on fashionable yet affordable abayas. They are committed to sustainability and ethical production practices.

Product Range: Their inventory ranges from simple daily wear abayas to more elaborate designs featuring embroidery and embellishments. They also keep up with seasonal trends.

Why Choose Bulkabayas: Their competitive pricing and flexible order quantities make them an attractive option for small to medium-sized retailers.


Overview: Modanisa is a major player in the online modest fashion industry,offering a diverse selection of abayas from various designers.

Product Range: Modanisa is abayas range from classic to contemporary styles, catering to different preferences and seasons.

Why Choose Modanisa: Their extensive online presence and user-friendly platform make it easy for retailers to browse and order products, staying ahead of fashion trends.

4. Abaya Central

Overview: Abaya Central specializes in high-quality abayas and modest wear, focusing on customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Product Range: They offer a variety of styles, including modern and traditional designs, and provide custom design services.

Why Choose Abaya Central: Their commitment to quality and competitive pricing make them a reliable partner for retailers of all sizes.

5. Aab Collection

Overview: Aab Collection is known for its elegant and sophisticated abayas, appealing to a high-end market.

Product Range: Their abayas are made from luxurious fabrics and feature detailed craftsmanship. They offer styles ranging from minimalist to opulent.

Why Choose Aab Collection: Their premium quality and unique designs are ideal for retailers targeting a discerning clientele.

6. House of Fraser

Overview: House of Fraser, a well-known department store, offers a selection of abayas through various brands, providing access to a variety of styles and price points.

Product Range: Their selection includes both traditional and modern designs, suitable for different tastes and budgets.

Why Choose House of Fraser: Partnering with a reputable department store enhances your business is credibility and provides excellent exposure.

7. Silk Route

Overview: Silk Route offers high-quality abayas that combine traditional elements with contemporary styles, focusing on stylish and comfortable designs.

Product Range: Their collection includes everyday wear, luxury abayas, and matching accessories like hijabs and scarves.

Why Choose Silk Route: Their versatile collection, attention to detail, and excellent customer service make them a trusted wholesale partner.

Advantages of Using Abaya Wholesale

Extensive Selection: Abaya Wholesale provides access to a broad range of suppliers and styles, ensuring that retailers can find the perfect products for their market.

Quality Assurance: All suppliers listed on Abaya Wholesale are vetted for quality, ensuring that retailers receive only the best products.

Competitive Pricing: The platform offers competitive pricing and attractive bulk discounts, helping retailers maximize their profit margins.

Ease of Use: Abaya Wholesale is user-friendly platform makes it easy for retailers to browse, order, and manage their inventory.

Customer Support: A dedicated customer service team is available to assist with inquiries, orders, and after-sales support, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.


For retailers in the UK looking to source high-quality abayas, Abaya Wholesale stands out as a premier platform. By connecting businesses with top suppliers, offering a diverse product range, and ensuring quality and competitive pricing, Abaya Wholesale helps retailers thrive in the growing market for modest fashion. Whether you are expanding your inventory or starting a new venture, this guide provides valuable insights into the best suppliers available through Abaya Wholesale

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